Champions League: Krasnodar, showcase and mirage of a new Russian El Dorado

So here is the secret of Krasnodar: it is displayed on the screen of the phone that Irina Vidmankina holds out.This late November afternoon, her weather app indicates a proud 10 degrees Celsius.A movement of the thumb, and here is Omsk, in Siberia, the city Irina and her family left eighteen months earlier.Twenty degrees cooler than in Krasnodar, the place of their new life.Out of curiosity, we are pushing the trip to Rennes: the clubs of both cities face off in the Football Champions League (C1), Wednesday 2 December Eliminated from the competition, the two newcomers in C1 can further extend the European adventure in the Europa

The terrible Russian winter is very mild in the south, between the Black Sea coast and the Caucasus mountains."The first few weeks, I often looked at the weather there, to remind myself of our luck, laughs Irina, 43 years old.Then I quit.I don't even miss the Siberian snow.In big industrial cities, it is blacker than white… "

In a Russia where the demographic question is an obsession, with a steadily declining population (- 100,000 Russians in 2018), Krasnodar is an insolent counterexample, a showcase.The city is experiencing massive and continuous his football club, propelled in a few years to the heights of the Russian championship.Behind this success, the businessman Sergei Galitsky.It is already he who, after having failed to buy a local club, had created FK Krasnodar in 2008.Founder of a supermarket chain, billionaire, Galitsky understands the mood of the moment: to please the government and Vladimir Putin, you have to invest in sport.

Posted Date: 2020-12-12

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